innwai, CDT and USMFS jointly launch the challenge “Innovation for Sustainable Water USA-MEX”

innwai, the open innovation hub by Grupo Rotoplas, the Tijuana Development Council and the United States - Mexico Foundation for Science (USMFS) come together to launch the binational challenge “Innovation for Sustainable Water USA-MEX”

The call for proposals seeks sustainable and affordable
technological solutions that address access to clean water and sanitation. 

Tijuana B.C., April 12, 2023.- The Tijuana Development Council (CDT) has announced the details of the binational call "Innovation for Sustainable Water USA-MEX," through which sustainable and affordable technological solutions are sought to address two technological challenges for improving water treatment and sanitation processes. 

Roberto Lyle, CDT president, and Eduardo Valtierra, leader of the Social Axis and the Citizen Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Laboratory (ICES Lab), provided information of this call. 

The CDT president mentioned that the coordination of this binational call will involve the participation of distinguished specialists in the field of water and technology transfer, such as Sofia Paredes, technology liaisons manager at ROTOPLAS; César Rivera, coordinator of clean technologies at the Mexico-United States Science Foundation (FUMEC), and Michael Rosen, Managing Director & Entrepreneurship training at TEKCAPITAL-BAJAINNOVA. He also mentioned that the call will be promoted with the support of the Secretary of Economy and Innovation of the state of Baja California. 

He noted that this call opens a space for such technologies that are being developed on both sides of the border to be known and have the opportunity to reach the market and be utilized. 

Eduardo Valtierra Padrón announced that the call is open from April 3 and will close on June 3, and is aimed at entrepreneurs, companies, universities, and research centers from the states of California and Arizona in the United States, and from our country in the states of Baja California, Baja California Sur and Sonora. 

He referred to the call's rules, which can be found in English and Spanish for registering projects in this binational call at

Finally, he added that this is only the first call of its kind, as the Citizen Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Laboratory (ICES Lab) has already scheduled the launch of other calls, all of them focused on the search for technology-based solutions in water matters, with the aim of meeting existing market requirements to solve the increasingly urgent problem of the scarcity of clean water.