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Our mission is to foster open innovation to solve the technological challenges of Rotoplas.



Rotoplas is a Mexican company leader in water solutions. For more than four decades, our mission has been to offer solutions to bring more and better water to people. To achieve this, we develop products, services and business models with an innovative and sustainable approach.

Our solutions can be found all along the water cycle


We have products to store, pipe, purify, improve and heat the vital liquid.


We have water-purifying services, customized irrigation solutions; as well as solutions for the treatment and recycling of water.

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At Rotoplas we believe that collaboration is the key to solving the challenges in the water cycle. That is why open innovation is our enabler, a generator of value and the engine for sustainable water management.

To consolidate open innovation in Rotoplas, we created this space called innwai.

Innwai is our platform to generate ideas, to communicate and to address world water challenges such as access, availability, management, sanitation and heating. We want to do this together with the different actors of the world's water innovation ecosystem.

With these actions, in addition to fostering innovation, we contribute to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN).

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innwai Team

Sofía Alejandra Paredes Zamorano

Senior Manager for Technology Liaisons

Matzallani Gómez Alvarado

Open innovation Especialist

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