Call for proposals: Compatibilizers for plastics formulations

Notice dated 25 September 2023

The Challenges in Plastic Materials closed on

24 de September 2023

Thank you very much for your interest and participation!

We will continue to evaluate the proposals that were received in a first-come, first-served basis.

Should you have any question, please write to

innwai, the Open Innovation Hub by Rotoplas, invites you to participate:

Challenges in Plastic Materials


Terms for Participation 

1.   About Rotoplas and innwai

Rotoplas, a company of Mexican origin with more than 40 years of existence and presence in 14 countries in the Americas, in 2019 created "innwai, the Water Innovation Hub", a communication channel with the water innovation and sustainability ecosystem that seeks to identify and capture innovative and sustainable solutions to solve various water problems. In 2020 we launched our first challenge addressed to entrepreneurs, SMEs and Civil Society Organizations. 

With this new call: “Challenges in Plastic Materials” we search, openly and permanently, for solutions expected to be of great benefit for Rotoplas in the long term.

Why participate? (benefits for the participants)

Our goal is to find researchers, start-ups and companies that are currently working to solve these challenges, so that we can: 

Establish a collaboration or partnership to implement the technology together. The type of collaboration or partnership will depend on the readiness of the technology and will be decided by common agreement,


Support them by giving them feedback and guidance about industry needs; either directly or participating as possible technology receptors within R&D projects funded by government or private, national or international, programmes that promote innovation.

2.   Characteristics of the solutions that Rotoplas is searching for with this call

We search for technology developments that aim to solve the following challenge:

Challenge 3: Incorporation or integration of compatibilizers and stabilizers for application in formulations with PCR resins (post-consumer resins).

I. Why it is important:

Currently, many of the PCR resins and bioplastics do not meet the desired physical and chemical characteristics and, therefore, it is necessary to develop compatibilizing and/or stabilizing substances that facilitate the mixing of immiscible resins and thus obtain products with the desired characteristics.

II. Expected result:

Compatibilizers and/or stabilizers that can be incorporated into formulations that include virgin resin and/or PCR resin and/or bioplastics, in such a way that they help them acquire the material and product characteristics of the compounds that would have been manufactured solely with virgin resin

3.   Submission and evaluation of proposals

Call opens: 1 September 2022

NEW Closing date: 24 September 2023.

Proposals can be submitted using the following online form:  Click here

Submissions will be evaluated in a maximum of 15 business days. Those considered to possibly solve any of the challenges listed in section 2 of this document will be contacted in order to explore possible forms of collaboration.

4.   Participants profile and requirements

We are looking for entrepreneurs, researchers, start-ups, SMEs, civil society and other organizations with the following characteristics:

a. Must be willing to be constitute a legal entity if both parts agree to establish a collaboration for the development of technology.

b. Must be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Rotoplas if both parts agree to explore possible forms of collaboration.

c. Must be willing to sign an agreement with Rotoplas if both parts agree to establish a collaboration for the development of technology.

d. The leadership team of the entity must not be directly related to evaluators of this call or to Rotoplas employees.

e. Submissions may come from any country in the world.

Participating entities must designate a main contact person for the follow-up.

5.   Submission registration

Proposals can be submitted using the following online form:  Click here.

The following information will be requested: 

1. Your given name(s).
2. Your family name(s).
3. Telephone number – please include your country and city/local code (optional).
4. Main e-mail.
5. Alternative e-mail.
6. Name of your organization (optional).
7. Which challenge are you targeting (1, 2, 3, 4)? It may be more than one.
8. Detailed description of the proposed technology(ies).
9. How does your technology/solution tackle the challenge(s) that you chose?
10. What are the benefits of using your technology? Benefits may be environmental, financial, physical properties, processes, manufacture, etc.
11. What is the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of your solution and what are the reasons for you to choose that TRL?
12. URL link(s) to additional information you can share with us. It may be images, videos, documents, etc. (optional)
13. What kind of collaboration would you like to have with Rotoplas for the development or implementation of your technology?
14. Acceptance of the Terms for Participation.
15. Acceptance of the terms of our Privacy Policy.

6.   Participant obligations 

Applicants must participate with their own solutions or with permission (verified with legal documentation) of those who own the intellectual property; always respecting and giving credit to the owners. 

The information provided by applicants must always be truthful.

People who are directly related to evaluators of this call or with Rotoplas employees cannot participate.

Participants must always behave in an inclusive and non-discriminatory manner (sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, socioeconomic level, etc.).

Rotoplas reserves the right to eliminate from the process any participant who does not comply with the obligations described in this section; in which case it will notify the participant in writing to the contact email that they have registered.


7.   Confidenciality and intelectual property.

The information, ideas, initiatives, products, services or projects that are submitted to this call for proposals will be recognized at all times as property of their creators.

All information shared by either party at any time during the evaluation process must be treated as confidential.

Therefore, the two parties acknowledge and accept that all the information and/or documentation that is provided verbally or in writing or by any other means, before or after the selection process, is and will be the exclusive property of the person who provides it and may not be disclosed, published, reproduced and/or transmitted by any means to third parties. 

8.   Personal information 

The treatment of Personal Information will adhere to the content of the Privacy Notice of Grupo Rotoplas S. A. B. de C. V., at the time of providing Personal Data, the Company states expressly the veracity and correct legitimacy of them, with which, in turn, you expressly accept that they are treated in accordance with said Privacy Notice. 

9.   Acceptance of the terms 

By registering through the form available on the innwai website, applicants will be accepting the Terms of Participation of this call.

10.   Modifications and cancellation 

Innwai, Water Innovation Hub and Rotoplas have the right to modify these Terms or cancel the Call at any time. In such case, the modifications or cancellations will be published on innwai’s website and participants will be notified by email. If, after notification of the modification of these Terms of Participation, a Participant does not expressly cancel his registration, it will be understood that she/he accepts the modified version of the Terms. Equally, after notification of the modification of these Terms of Participation, participants can modify the information sent or cancel their participation by sending an email to the innwai team (

11.   Responsibility 

Participants will exempt Rotoplas from any responsibility over any claim that is based on non-compliance with these Terms of Participation.

12.   Legislation

Any controversy that may arise from the registration to, or participation in, this Call for Proposals will be expressly and irrevocably subject to the legislation, courts and authorities of Mexico City; with the Participant expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them by reason of their present or future address, or for any other reason.